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Technistone®, under the terms and conditions listed below, warrants its product to be free from manufacturing defects for the period of 25 years from the original date of installation. Should the material be found to contain defects or to develop defects after the original installation, Technistone® will, at its sole option, repair or replace the product at no charge to the owner. Please note that warranty must be registered within 14 days of installation.


Registration for this warranty should be made by the owner of the installation by returning a warranty card provided by the installer or by submitting the online registration form below.


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Terms and Conditions


1. This warranty is limited to the original owner of the installation. Warranty may be transferred if request is made in writing by new owner of the installation to Technistone® at the address listed on our contact page.
2. This warranty is limited to owner occupied residential properties located in South Africa. Commercial use is not covered in this warranty. Commercial use is considered use in a store, office or place of business.
3. Exterior use of this product in any form is not warranted.
4. Owner must have proof of purchase such as sales receipt or invoice showing installation is a Technistone® product. It must also show date of installation and name of installer.
5. Owner must allow KBL - Tile and Slab Distributor, to inspect the product and warranty will be available only once the KBL - Tile and Slab Distributor determines that a warrantable defect exists.
6. The product must be maintained according to terms of the Care and Use Guide available from Technistone® or from the source of installation purchase.
7. This warranty does not cover damages caused by abuse, accidents, acts of nature, job site conditions, normal wear, abnormal use, exposure to extreme heat or ultraviolet light.
8. This warranty does not cover improper installation or damages caused by improper storage or handling by the installer or installation error.
9. This warranty does not cover chips, scratches, cracks and other excessive impact damage. (Cracks can be caused by: Externally induced mechanical stress after installation. Movement or settling after installation. Excessive weight being place on the top by sitting or standing the surface. Expansion by heat due to incorrect installation.)
10. This warranty does not cover damage caused by improper use of or exposure to chemicals not approved by the manufacturer.


11. This warranty does not apply to the product when used as a floor covering.
12. Technistone® is not liable for incidental or consequential damages arising from use or inability to use this product as intended.
13. Technistone® does not warrant this product for the merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose or use and other than the warranty made here no other express of implied representation or guarantee is made by Technistone®.
14. The warranty is void if the installation is not carried out by a certified installer/stonemason and the materials (slabs) are not purchased directly from KBL Tile and Slab Distributor by the installer.
To obtain service under this warranty please contact the source from which you purchased your Technistone® Product.