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Q. What is natural quartz?

Quartz is one of the hardest most abundant minerals found in nature. The quartz in Technistone® gives it extreme strength, making it very durable.


Q. What are the advantages of Technistone®?

Technistone® is a dense, non-porous surface that delivers unsurpassed reliability and performance-scratch resistant and stain resistant with no sealing required in a large variety of colours.


Q. Why should I choose Technistone®?

Technistone® is the best choice for homeowners and commercial establishments as it delivers both unique beauty and durability.


Q. How does Technistone® compare to granite or marble?

Technistone® offers more colour consistency than granite, making it easier to pick colours from samples without having to visit a stone yard. Technistone® is virtually maintenance-free, it does not need to be sealed and cleaning is simple.


Q. How does Technistone® compare to solid surfaces?

The quartz in Technistone® is 100% natural; a hard mineral that gives Technistone® both beauty and strength.  Solid surfaces are plastic polymers that lack the brilliance and reflectivity of natural stone, and are softer making them more susceptible to burns and scratches.


Q. How does Technistone® compare to other natural quartz surfaces?

Technistone® is made using the same patented process as other quartz manufacturers but our innovative colours and designs offer a wider range of interest and creativity.


Q. Where can I use Technistone®?

Technistone® is ideal for kitchens countertops, stairs, bathrooms, vanities, shower walls, tub surrounds, and flooring.


Q. Can I use Technistone® for flooring?

Yes. Technistone® makes tiles in 300mm x 300mm, 400mm x 400mm and 600mm x 600mm sizes for any residential or commercial establishment.