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Hard to believe a surface so elegant and beautiful can be so durable but with only minimal effort this beauty will last for years to come. Here are a few tips on how to keep your Technistone® surface looking its best.


Routine Care


cleaningClean the surface after each use with mild soap and water. Wipe the surface with a dry cloth. After prolonged or heavy use of oils, acidic or deeply coloured fruits, or vegetables that have been prepared but not cleaned off promptly, it may be necessary to clean the surface with warm water and a small amount of standard household cleaner, such as Mr. Muscle multi-surface or Chemico Liqui Clean Multi Purpose cleaner.


On occasion stubborn substances such as hard water spots, food colourings or dried food particles may accumulate on the surface and appear as stains and be resistant to removal, but don’t worry; these are surface blemishes and can be removed gently with a soft abrasive cleaner and a white Scotch Brite pad. Green Scotch Brite pads should not be used. Rinse the surface after the use of these cleaners and wipe dry.


For the toughest blemishes such as nail polish and permanent marker use a white scotch brite pad and acetone to remove the blemish and then rinse the area with soap and water.


Remember Technistone® is 99.9% solid so whatever appears on the surface is not in the product and can be cleaned off with care and patience.


Things to Avoid


preparing food on stone topsTechnistone® is extremely heat resistant. You can set a hot pot directly off the stove on its surface for a few moments without damage but it is not heatproof. Prolonged exposure to excessive heat from pots, or poorly insulated crockery pots may damage the surface. When setting a heated object on a Technistone® surface place them on pot stands, a cloth or a board.


When cutting up fruits, vegetables and meats a cutting board should be used. While the natural quartz of Technistone® will resist scratches from knives and utensils, a cutting board will make the surface easier to clean and prolong the appearance of the surface.


Most household chemicals do not affect Technistone® surfaces but there are some household agents that should be avoided. Products such as drain cleaners, oven cleaners, paint removers, or strippers that contain methylene chloride or other chemicals with a high alkaline/PH level should be removed immediately with warm water and detergent cleaner. Even a brief contact with these items may damage your Technistone® surface.