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The Advantages of using Technistone®print page


Low Maintenance

Technistone®’s exquisite quartz surfaces maintain a beautiful sheen, so sealing, conditioning,

and polishing are never needed.



Technistone®’s Translucent and Fresh colour ranges allow you to experiment with a light source behind the surface.


Bacteria and Stain Resistance

Technistone®’s non-porous surface makes it safe and hygienic, guarding against bacteria and stains.


Heat Resistance

By enhancing the natural qualities of quartz, Technistone® offers a surface that provides a greater level of heat resistance than most other surfaces.


Easy Cleaning

Soap and water or mild cleaning detergents are sufficient for cleaning; harsh cleaning agents and abrasives

are never needed. In fact, they should be avoided.


Colour Range

Technistone® is available in an array of colours and patterns allowing a wide range of design options.



Natural Quartz is one of nature’s hardest stones, making it very durable.


Damage Resistant

Technistone®’s quartz surfaces offer a high level of resistance to scratching, chipping or cracking that few other surfaces can match.


Unparalleled Quality and Value

When compared to other surfaces, Technistone® represents the most solid value and quality in a surfacing material.


25 Year Warranty

Technistone® carries a Limited 25-year warranty against manufacturer defects, beginning at the date of installation